Best angles for sexting

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You should get down on your knees every day and thank whichever god you believe in for bringing the iPhone into your hands.

Best angles for sexting

Never before has remote foreplay been so easy, making the sexy selfie a standard in hormone-fueled texting. However, not unlike celebrated photographers in the field, mediocrity should not be tolerated. Do you think a National Geographic photographer has ever turned in a badly cropped, out-of-focus picture of an eagle? No way. Standards should be in place for any type of photograph taken, including naked body shots. Always use natural light We get that a lot of sexting takes place under the curtain of nightfall, but one should always embrace the flattering light that comes from Mr.

Natural light is far kinder to bare flesh than artificial bulbs, and offers a softer glow that won't create nasty shadows in the wrong places.

Best angles for sexting

Sure, you might flash your neighbors by exposing your naked bod in front of the window -- but the temporary embarrassment won't hold a candle to the unequivocal joy from the recipient of your sext. Avoid overhead light Both men and women should avoid nasty overhead light. For ladies, it'll add an extra-unflattering shadow to the boob region, while men will experience a harsh darkness that could cover up the testicular portions of the frame. A dick pic isn't a dick pic without a smidgen of testicles, am I right guys? If a harsh fluorescent environment is unavoidable, turn your flash on to drown out the awful lighting.

Get your angles right This all depends on the context of your naked picture. If you're going for the type of dick pic that features the sheer strength and magnitude of the dick in question, try a low-angle shot to make everything in frame look larger. Stand up straight Your body is going to look best angles for sexting best when presented upright -- that is: standing.

Taking a sexy selfie while sitting will give any normal person unwanted flab or rolls and take away from the inherent beauty of the genitals on display. Get creative On the other hand, not everybody wants the kind of nudity you'd see in a PG movie. Try getting creative: go for the behind-the-shoulder-in-the-mirror butt shot or the laying-facedown-on-the-bed-to-accentuate-the-ass shot.

Best angles for sexting

When in doubt, add a butt. So, for instance, it's probably not worth getting out your Canon 7D Mark II, shooting 1, photos, editing them on Photoshop, sending the 50 best to your phone, and texting the winner to someone else. It's not a contest, it's just flesh. Vertical is always better It's called portrait style for a reason: you want your body to be the main subject in the frame. Again, there's no need to treat your sexting routine like a perverted Alfred Hitchcock -- redundant, because Hitchcock was a little gross.

The iPhone 6s' main camera is a stunning 12 megapixels, seven more than its front-facing camera. So, the question is, how do you take a picture when you can't see what you're doing? Use a timer and a makeshift tripod. You can prop your iPhone up against a book or even buy a miniature tripod to take your nudity to the next level.

Of course, you can also take a picture in front of a mirror, but that's making it too easy.

Best angles for sexting

Edit Edit, but don't over-edit. You don't want to waste your time fawning over a picture of your own naked body while there are millions of starving naked people in the world. Still, it can't hurt to tweak your pictures for the purpose of making yourself look better. Because, when it comes down to it, no one looks bad in a photo with a little bit of clarity and contrast. That being said, you don't want to send the same picture over and over and over again. Give your recipient a look into the life of the person they're spending the night sexting with. Send them the whole naked body catalog -- give them a full-body shot, send a close-up of the good stuff, give them a little PG, give them some XXX, cover all your bases.

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Best angles for sexting

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