Gay instagram usernames

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Looking for fun, smart and sexy gay Instagram users to follow? Here is a carefully curated collection of 33 gay Instagram users worth checking out. The Little Gay Blog has only recently ed Instagram. These are s of either gay people or gay businesses.

Over the last few months, some gay Instagram users have really stood out. Often times we think of this as connecting us with people who might live half a planet away. I follow a bunch of cool, local l for me that means they live in South-East Queensland, Australia. Graham posts a cool mix of pics on his Instagram. You can see how important family and friends are to him as well. One of the things I love about following Shane, is that you get an insight into an often overlooked demographic within the gay community — country guys.

Shane runs 3 successful businesses two related to his passion of horses and horse riding. It seems to bring gay instagram usernames the be a st in us! He seems to be a sporty, outdoorsy kinda guy, which again, are things that I enjoy too.

Gay instagram usernames

Tom is Irish, living in Brisbane and single, fellas! You can tell by following his that he is having an awesome time Down Under.

Gay instagram usernames

Aah, to be young and travelling the world! Marcus had an amazing year, representing Brissie as Gay instagram usernames BrisBear He passed on the title last October and says his life has quietened down a lot since then. In fact, Marcus uses Instagram more than Facebook these days. He says he prefers the diversity of pics on Instagram, and who can blame him, right? Here are a few Aussie gay Instagram l worth following:. I actually interviewed Jay last year for an article about tropical north Queensland. His worth ethic and drive is truly inspiring.

Jay may exude tropical urban coolness, but he actually grew up on a farm. After all, a picture tells a thousand words! Any of these qualities on their own would be enough, but Nic Holas is a combination of all of them. Chris is a 26 year old ant living in Melbourne. His interests include fitness, travel, fashion, languages and cars. I only found out through a Polish-written Christmas Eve post that he has a Polish background like yours truly. Well, Elliot fits that bill for me. He just seems like an all-round lovely guy.

Craig is based in Sydney. That means mainly US and UK really. Here are a few choice Instagrammers:. I had the pleasure of interviewing Josh to discuss the book he wrote called Porn Again. Josh was so awesome and friendly to deal with. Since then, his writing skills have been snapped up Gay Times magwhere he contributes as their sex advice columnist.

Follow real-life couple, Stefan Greek from London and Sebastien French as they adventure their way across the planet. Jonathan is 30, lives in Bakersfield California, works in mental health and is single. Follow this Californian, army veteran and father of three as he chronicles his life, one selfie at a time. Spoiler alert — lots of sexy, shirtless selfies abound! There are a lot of cool gay businesses and creative types to be found on Instagram.

Some I have had the pleasure of interviewing for the blog. But most are just people or businesses that I love popping up in my feed. Which is kinda the point of social media, right? Nor have I been paid by any business or person. These are purely my own personal recommendations. Firstly, props to any print publication able to survive in But no wonder these guys are killing it. Their online presence is amazing. Follow them on Instagram and your feed will be filled with funny, sexy and smart posts daily! But my favourite thing about them is the throwback content they post. Meatzine offers a seriously sexy Instagram.

What I love about their brand of sexiness though, is that it embraces a wide variety of men, all with different looks. I passionately believe that we should embrace more than just a few beauty ideals. I think Meatzine does a fantastic job in doing just gay instagram usernames Um so yeah, the name kinda says it all, right? This shows off some serious art talent. Being Instagram, this is self-censored.

Gay instagram usernames

Yep, more cool, edgy artwork and de aimed at the LGBT community. Good times! Bear Skn brings together two things that I love. One — body acceptance. Regular readers will know this is something I believe in passionately, and advocate for on this blog quite a lot. Stepping down from my pedestal now. Two — bamboo underwear. In fact, anything made of bamboo at all. As a material, bamboo adjusts to your body temperature.

This comes in very handy during a balmy Aussie Summer! Gayletter is an awesome media outlet in the post-gay queer world. Their magazine, as well as their Instagramis beautiful presented, unique and utterly inspiring! The concept behind Next Gay Thing is a really cool one. Pretty cool, huh?

Gay instagram usernames

More than just articles, Hello Mr is an eclectic mix of poetry, long and short form pieces, fiction and non-fiction, as well as celebrating all forms of visual expression. StudSketch, as the name suggests, is another brilliant and talented artist showcase of some amazing male art.

I love the bright colours used, and the old-school feel these pieces have. Definitely worth a follow! Masc Nation produces and sells clothing with an agenda — to embrace and redefine labels. Selling shirts with sexual labels front and centre is a daring move. Easton Mountain is a place for the soul. It provides a of workshops, programs, and events that aim to to celebrate, heal, transform, and integrate body, mind, and spirit. I cannot wait to visit it one day! So there you have it. My wrap up of 33 gay Instagram s worth following. Actually, sorry…. Pingback: stromectol for pinworms.

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Pingback: albuterol sulfate manufacturer. Pingback: of hydroxychloroquine study. Pingback: will amoxicillin cure a uti. Pingback: why is hydroxychloroquine banned. They all seem like genuinely nice, down to earth and friendly fellas.

Gay instagram usernames

Need I say more?

Gay instagram usernames

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33 Gay Instagram Users Worth Following